There have been several hospital stays and surgeries in our baby girl’s short life.  As we sat and waited for word from the surgeon there were many concerns, but these were not on the list:

  • Did the surgeon have gauze to use?
  • Would there be exam gloves available?
  • After surgery would enough pain medication be available for her?
  • How about antibiotics to treat infection?

These are all realities at Nazarene Hospital now.  Dr Scott Dooley says,

We are out of exam gloves, gauze, morphine, and several antibiotics. While this is definitely challenging, we are  still doing surgery and incredibly, we are still one of the best equipped/staffed medical facilities in the country!

How would you like to have a surgery with no post-op morphine for pain control? How does a doctor do a repair of a stab wound gushing blood in the Emergency Room with no gauze, just wiping with cotton balls? 

Recently the Central Supply staff were cutting up “roller bandages,” old fashioned torn sheet bandage rolls previously donated by churches. These bandage rolls are being cut into strips to be sterilized and used instead of gauze until we get resupplied. Thanks for all of the churches and individuals who helped send these along!

There are currently two 20 foot ocean freight containers destined for Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, that have been stuck in port with customs for 3 months. In addition to other supplies, they have gauze and gloves. Of further concern is the fact that recently,  the government announced a 40% cut in their normally budgeted funding to the hospital for this upcoming year. This will have a significant impact if no solutions are found. “

Would you pray with us that the freight containers would make their way through customs and to the hospital?  If you’re looking for a place to give year-end donations, consider giving to the GREATEST NEED FUND as the hospital prepares for up coming budget cuts.  We all can play a role in bringing spiritual and physical healing to the people of PNG.

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