Are You Needed in PNG?

imageIt’s amazing to see how many people are involved in the running of a hospital or clinic.  From the nurses and doctors to the accountants and maintenance people, everyone plays an important role in keeping the doors open.

At a missionary hospital there are other positions that also need to be filled to keep things running smoothly.  Currently Nazarene Hospital is looking for a middle school/high school teacher for next year.  The teacher will work with the parents and the students to set the kids’ schedules, administer tests, record grades and answer questions as needed. The kids are on an independent study type program and use a variety of curriculums.

If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more you can fill out the Exploring Missions Form to see if this opportunity would be right for you!

First Presentation


On Sunday we had our first presentation at Life Path Church of the Nazarene.  This is the church my parents pastor, so it was nice to be able to practice on friendly faces.  It was also nice to have Grandma and Grandpa in the audience to help with the little kids.  Our baby girl spent most of the service rolling around Grandma’s lap and our little guy enjoyed sitting with Grandpa.  I think in future presentations he may visit us up on stage without Grandpa to sit with.  The big kids came up briefly to share some of what they’ve learned about PNG and while they said they were nervous, they did a great job.  We’re looking forward to sharing more about how God is working to help the people of PNG.  Thank you Life Path for having us!