Take 1, 2 . . . 48!

Each year I try to get a family picture to look back and see how the kids have grown.  Generally it’s in the backyard with Grandma taking the shots.  It cracks me up to see what the kids are doing and the years I get it sent as a Christmas card I always think there needs to be a blooper reel for the pics that didn’t make the cut.

This year’s  family pictures came with a little extra pressure because we’d be using them on prayer cards.  These will be left at churches, sent to family and friends, and would be put on our blog.  After about 5,000 tries (or so my kids would think!) one turned out well.  One child has ants in her pants and can hardly stand still. One tries hard to smile but ends up with a pained grimace on his face (perhaps that’s how he feels about hearing “Just one more!” for the 20th time).  One smiles well EXCEPT on the shot that everyone else looks great.  Our little guy thought that all of Grandpa’s antics behind the camera (done to elicit smiles) were meant to be copied.  And the baby kept thinking that the blank wall behind us was suddenly far more interesting than what was in front of her (the camera).

My friend Nacomi thought it’d be fun to share our family picture blooper reel (we almost used the first one).  Real life pictures with 5 kids.

DSCF0909 DSCF0877DSCF0893DSCF0895DSCF0886

3 thoughts on “Take 1, 2 . . . 48!

  1. Such a beautiful family but what a challenge to get 5 darling kids to look forward & smile in unison! Sort of like trying to herd cats, but when it comes together WOW!


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