Budget Cuts

The hospital received confirmation that the government of PNG will cut the money they receive by 40%.   I encourage you to read more about how the administration is working to save money to fill the gap this has created on Erin Meier’s blog.

Erin relates how the staff has responded:

We held a staff meeting on Wed, to let them know what we were doing, to share our plan with them and to get any ideas they had on what else we could be doing.  After we (Administration) spoke, they stood up, one by one.  They starting talking about how they were here as missionaries, how they had left their home and this was their home now, how they wanted to stay here and to serve the people of Jiwaka.  They wanted to help keep our doors open, and so one by one before they sat down, they said they wanted to give up part of their pay to help the hospital keep going.  As I heard staff after staff stand and say this, from nurses to maintenance men, to cleaners and clerks, I just started crying. 

Erin’s entire blog post is well worth the read.

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