Budget Cuts Update

You might remember that the government of PNG recently cut their health care budget by 40% which has impacted the hospitals in PNG including Kudjip Nazarene Hospital.  The hospital has shared several ways God has been answering prayer during this time.  I’ll share a few here, but encourage you to visit the hospital’s website to read of more ways God is providing.  Here’s a few highlights they listed:

~Media attention: The hospital has made the newspapers several times.  As the most reliable hospital in the region (and the country), people care what happens to the hospital.  How this crisis could affect Kudjip has been a concern for the public and highlighted how excellent the care at Kudjip is.  This has drawn much needed attention to this national issue as well as brought specific support for Kudjip’s critical role.

~The government of PNG has responded to the crisis first by replacing a month of salary budget to all of Christian Health Services in PNG that was skipped last year.  The National Department of Health also helped with some extra funds in February to Kudjip.  Also even though every government budget has been cut, it has made it to the floor of Parliament that the cut to Christian Health Services should be reversed because of the care they give. We pray that will happen.

~NMI 100 year projects: God is not surprised by our needs.  Some districts had already picked up some projects in the NMI 100 year that will help us with expenses such as containers, help other NHM divisions like CBHC, and continue to improve long-term systems such as housing repairs, which are also a great staff encouragement in these times.

~Keeping a discipleship emphasis: Some church donors have specifically helped continue staff spiritual retreats (see our recent post about how our staff’s growing sense of call has motivated them to give better care and even to sacrifice their own pay rather than continually increase fees.)  The staff have been so blessed that we are continuing this spiritual discipleship program despite the difficult finances.  It has shown them the importance of our own internal discipleship and really improves our care and sustainability to have people here with a deep sense of call to service.

God is providing!  Continue to pray for the administration as they navigate this financial crisis.  Pray for the doctors and staff providing care.  Pray that the hand of God will clearly be evident through this time.



2 thoughts on “Budget Cuts Update

  1. Beckey, this is Marsha from Club Mom! I was just made aware of your plans to go to PNG! My husband is a patient of Dr. Mason’s and we have been so sad that he was planning to leave until I saw the prayer card and realized that he is your husband! Putting 2 and 2 together, we are rejoicing that this is the reason you are leaving! I would love to talk to you sometime and will try to be at the celebration before you leave. If you have a minute, please call! As missionary alumni, we rejoice over your calling and will be praying for you and your precious family.


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