A Beautiful Mess


Do you see the mess on this beautiful little face?  Messy mealtimes were an expected part of our older kids’ development, but we weren’t sure if it would ever happen for our baby girl.  Her g-tube feedings seemed like a big obstacle to moving to PNG.  How would we feed her when the electricity goes out?  How would we get the supplies we needed?  I tried a method of feeding that doesn’t use an electric feeding pump, but it didn’t work well and would get even harder the more mobile she got.

Last summer we tried weaning her off the g-tube and onto solid food.  She made great progress compared to trying to wean her to a bottle.  It was important to see that she could maintain her own growth curve eating orally as well as see how she did during illnesses.  This winter we seemed to get sick every other week and she did well through each illness.  She’s also maintained her growth curve, so we were recently able to remove her g-tube!  I was surprised by how stressful the weaning process was and could almost physically feel a weight taken off my shoulders when it was time to pull her tube.  I was thankful that the feeding tube was available to help keep her healthy and growing, but I am thrilled she is now eating on her own.  I am also thankful that God helps us with the obstacles we face in life, whether he helps remove them or walks us through them.

Are you curious what a g-tube looks like?  Here’s a few pictures of the g-tube while it was still in and after it was removed.  The older kids think it’s pretty awesome that she has two belly buttons now.




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