And . . . It’s Off!


It didn’t take a scale to know that six years of school books (two years apiece for the oldest three kids) was going to be very heavy and would take who knows how many 50 lb. suitcases to cart them across the ocean.  Instead, we opted to ship them on a slow boat to PNG.  In each box there was enough room to add a few extra items like kitchen supplies, toiletries, toys and towels.   We were told that cribs are not easy to come by over there, so a couple of cribs made the list of things to ship as well.

Nazarene Hospital Foundation ships a container to Kudjip Nazarene Hospital three or four times a year filled with medicines and other medical supplies.  They also ship things over for the missionaries occasionally, so we were able to get our boxes delivered in time to go on the latest shipment.  It’s supposed to take about six months to get there, so if there aren’t too many delays we should be getting our school books not long after we arrive in the fall.  I kept out the first few months of school books to take with us just to be on the safe side, so the kids don’t need to worry about having to miss any school if the shipment arrives late. 😉



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