Time to Celebrate

It’s March and I’m standing in front of the sink getting ready to brush my teeth before bed when Nathan walks in.

“How much do we owe on our loans?” he asks.

We’ve been trying to save all we can on living expenses, so we can pay all we can on student loans.  Our goal at medical school graduation was to have all the school loans paid off in 10 years.  There were several large purchases that we considered which would have derailed that plan, but when we prayed about them first we knew God wanted us to stay focused on paying off the loans.

I tell him how much we owe and he hands me a slip of paper.  On it is the the amount of our tax return.  Exactly the amount we owe for student loans with enough left over to pay the fee for preparing our taxes.  The last of the loan was paid off 10 years to the month of medical school graduation.

We will now be able to move to PNG debt free!


Eating out is a rare treat, but well worth it to celebrate paying off the loans. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Time to Celebrate

  1. Congratulations! That’s really exciting. It’s so fun to pics of your kids. I’m really anxious to get to know each of them. The idea of having a new family and a new doc is starting to seem real!


    1. It’s feeling a lot more real to us! I’m looking forward to introducing you to the rest of the kids and getting to meet everyone else there in person. Soon!


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