What’s This?

I asked what “confused” looks like.

As we are getting everything packed up the kids have enjoyed helping to sort through things. Occasionally they find items that are intriguing and wonder what in the world they are for.  This role of film for example.  At 12 years old, our oldest knew what it was, but these two had no idea what to make of it.   I remember my Mom and Dad laughing when they had to explain things that were routinely used in their childhoods and now it’s my turn to laugh.   I wonder what things my kids will have to explain to their children in twenty years.

A Journey with Friends


The future MKs at the park

We met the Swanson family shortly after we moved to town seven years ago and have enjoyed their family over the years.  Gina is a speech therapist and has worked with our little guy this past year.

This past spring they started feeling God wanted them to move to the mission field, but they weren’t sure where He would take them.  In June they finalized plans to move to the Philippines to work with the urban poor and they leave the end of this month.

It’s been nice to have friends who are walking the road of transition and packing and paperwork the same time we are.  We will miss them, but are thankful for technology that will help keep us in contact as we all move around the world.


An evening with Gina



After taking inventory of the luggage we currently have it became clear that we’d need a few more pieces.  The bags used while living in Israel probably wouldn’t make it on another international trip in one piece and our family size has long since outgrown the number of carry-on luggage we own.  There were a few family and friends that gave us a suitcase or two, but as I looked for luggage sales it seemed like we’d need a small fortune to purchase the remaining bags.

A couple of months ago Nathan’s second cousin . . . or is it first cousin once removed?  . . . Anyway, Nathan’s dad’s cousin Ed called and said that he had some extra luggage we could have.  We recently stopped by and enjoyed visiting with Ed and Joani and then saw there was quite a lot of extra luggage.  He gave us our pick of what we needed.  Now we’ll just have to figure out how to get all of us along with all of our bags to the airport.

This has been a huge blessings and just one more way God is providing as we prepare to move.

Planned and Unexpected Reunions


Reunion time fun with Papa

Following a summer trip volunteering with children with disabilities in an orphanage, I returned home and got a job working with children in the US with developmental disabilities like cerebal palsy, autism and Down syndrome.  Several of these children I remember quite well.  Some because they were fun to work with and others because they had behaviors that were challenging.  “E” was a little boy who was challenging and much of that stemmed from difficulties in communicating what he wanted and needed.  He  worked hard with us to learn.

In July we attend my family’s reunion in Idaho.  This was first time in probably close to 15 years that all of my cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents were together in one place.  It was a great time to see everyone again and to have the newest generation together.  It went by far too quickly, but the final weekend we spent together at a camp ground.  On that same weekend was also a camp for adults with developmental disabilities that attended with the company I once worked for.  I saw “E” and several other campers that I had worked with when they were children.  As I stood in the dining hall I watched as “E” approached one of the staff and told them what he wanted.  He communicate clearly.  There was no tantrum, but a calm interaction.  It was thrilling to watch this young man who had come so far since I had known him.  He still has his challenges, but there were many people who have walked beside him to help him make such progress.

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital has the opportunity to help people with disabilities as they seek medical help, however, there aren’t a lot of resources available once they leave the hospital.  Dr. Erin recently wrote about a 12 year old girl named Anna who is paralyzed and came in to have bed sores treated.  Would you read Anna’s story and pray for her.  I am thankful for the help she is getting at the hospital and am praying for someone to step in and help when it is time for her leave.