After taking inventory of the luggage we currently have it became clear that we’d need a few more pieces.  The bags used while living in Israel probably wouldn’t make it on another international trip in one piece and our family size has long since outgrown the number of carry-on luggage we own.  There were a few family and friends that gave us a suitcase or two, but as I looked for luggage sales it seemed like we’d need a small fortune to purchase the remaining bags.

A couple of months ago Nathan’s second cousin . . . or is it first cousin once removed?  . . . Anyway, Nathan’s dad’s cousin Ed called and said that he had some extra luggage we could have.  We recently stopped by and enjoyed visiting with Ed and Joani and then saw there was quite a lot of extra luggage.  He gave us our pick of what we needed.  Now we’ll just have to figure out how to get all of us along with all of our bags to the airport.

This has been a huge blessings and just one more way God is providing as we prepare to move.

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