Leaving Home in Sweet Home


Seven years ago God brought us to the little town of Sweet Home.  It’s the longest place either of us have lived in our adult lives and now the moving van is packed up and we are on the road.  Sunday morning we were able to spend our last service with our church family and enjoyed getting to spend time with them before heading out.  We’ve been so thankful for their support through this process of moving overseas.  Saying goodbye is never easy.

Speaking of moving overseas, we don’t know yet when we’ll be leaving the States.  Originally we had hoped to leave in October, but because of paperwork delays we are now looking at leaving in November.  The extra time will give Nathan a chance to get some training here in the States with treating club foot.  We are excited for him to begin working with Andy Bennett in PNG at the club foot clinic.  God has drawn us to working with kids with disabilities and now we have this opportunity to work with kids outside of our family.

You can be praying for our paperwork process in the coming months.  We’re waiting for Nathan’s work permit to go through and then we can apply for visas.   Also be praying for Nathan’s mom and my parents as we will be invading their homes in the next few months.  Of course they are excited for grandkids to be around, but seriously, there’s seven of invading all at once!  It’s no small thing to invite our family to live with them for awhile.  We’re so thankful for their willingness (and they might be thankful for some quiet when we’re gone!)

Continue to pray for the chaplains, nurses and doctors in Kudjip as they help treat the physical and spiritual needs of the people in Papua New Guinea.


3 thoughts on “Leaving Home in Sweet Home

  1. Just to let you know we are praying for you. We decided this evening to do an ongoing commitment of $30 per month. Just signed up on line. I checked the anonymous donor, so not sure if that means you would not know, so thought I would let you know. Just did not want our name to be posted somewhere on a list or whatever!

    Please know we will be remembering you in prayer as you go!
    Ron and ShaRon Johnson


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