Y’all, we were planning to be in the tropics this time of year.  I packed all the winter clothes and planned to send them off to storage in Idaho.  When it looked like we’d be waiting at least until November to move, I quickly threw a few fall clothes into the suitcases staying with us in Oregon.  October seemed to be unusually warm and the cold weather stayed away until we arrived in Idaho mid November.  It was perfect timing, because our winter coats were waiting for us, safely stored away in boxes.  The kids were thrilled to see snow one (or two or three, etc.) more times before we move.  In the highlands of PNG the only snowflakes we’ll see are the paper ones created with our own hands.


Moving Forward


For Christmas, I am working on a quiet book for our youngest son.  This page has been my favorite partly because it was just fun to put together and partly because it was a good reminder to me.  I had our map to PNG all laid out.  On it was boxes, a moving van and then an airplane ride over the ocean.  God’s map, though, added an hour glass with an unknown amount of time to drift away until the airplane ride.


Unexpected delays can be challenging, but also bring unexpected blessings.  We are enjoying extra time with family and friends.  It’s also given us the chance to meet more people who have spent time in PNG and hear their stories.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend we found out Nathan’s work permit had been issued, so we are now waiting on the final step of the paperwork process as our entry permits have been applied for.  At this point we are looking at moving sometime in January.  In the meantime, we know we can trust in God’s map for our lives.