Moving Forward


For Christmas, I am working on a quiet book for our youngest son.  This page has been my favorite partly because it was just fun to put together and partly because it was a good reminder to me.  I had our map to PNG all laid out.  On it was boxes, a moving van and then an airplane ride over the ocean.  God’s map, though, added an hour glass with an unknown amount of time to drift away until the airplane ride.


Unexpected delays can be challenging, but also bring unexpected blessings.  We are enjoying extra time with family and friends.  It’s also given us the chance to meet more people who have spent time in PNG and hear their stories.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend we found out Nathan’s work permit had been issued, so we are now waiting on the final step of the paperwork process as our entry permits have been applied for.  At this point we are looking at moving sometime in January.  In the meantime, we know we can trust in God’s map for our lives.


2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. God bless your beautiful family! Hope you have a memorable Christmas with those you love before the big move. Merry Christmas & prayers for a blessed New Year!


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