Is It Time Yet?

About this time last year we started filling out paperwork and gathering more paperwork.  First one step, then the next and the next . . . And then the wait.  Oct. 1st was the initial day of departure, but that came and went without all the needed approvals.  Next came January 23rd and our bags were basically ready to go, but again the needed paperwork wasn’t in place.  And so we continue to wait.  While we trust God’s timing in this, the waiting can still be hard.  This past weekend a little perspective came.   I started hearing the stories.  Stories of families that are fleeing their homes in the middle of a war zone.  Families that have gone through a years long process to seek safety.  Finally the day came to fly to the United States in order to start a new life.  I can imagine the eager anticipation as they boarded the plane, stowed their bags above and sat back as the plane prepared for departure.  All the waiting had finally come to an end.  This was their time for a new start.  And when they landed on US soil, they were turned back again.  What is their next step now?  What should they hope for?  Was all the work and waiting in vain?

Over the past year we’ve traveled a lot and met many people who are helping refugees as they adjust to life in a new culture and others who have moved to Europe to help refugees on their first steps in fleeing the viciousness of war.  As I pray for the innocent families who don’t have any idea what will come now,  I pray that as believers we would see the ways we too can help to welcome and help those who are searching for hope.

Anticipating Bugs

Pacific Tree Frog perched atop a Lego condo

One of the things the kids are excited to see are the different bugs and other living creatures that call PNG home.  This fall our budding entomologists have been busy collecting preying mantises (I had to google that to see what the plural was) and frogs.  After the capture of the creature comes a trip to the pet store for crickets to feed these itty-bitty pets.

Apparently, there are banana spiders in PNG that brave missionary kids roast and eat.  I don’t know if our little MKs will be among those brave enough to actually eat them, but I’m sure I will be introduced to many new insects as the kids explore.  In a tropical climate, no doubt they will find more than a few inside as well as outside.

Make a Difference in 2017

Are you looking for a way to make a difference around the world?  Here are a couple of opportunities to help people in PNG without leaving your own town.  Nazarene Hospital Foundation is looking for individuals and church groups to partner with them to:

  1.  Bring a little fun to children staying at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital.  Gather up 1 spiral notebook, 1 coloring book, 24 pack of crayons, 2 pencils, beanie baby, stickers, and 2 hot wheel cars, placed in a 2 gallon plastic bag. The children of PNG would love a short personal note from your children.   Click HERE for more information.
  2. Put together Cancer Car Kits to help women diagnosed with cervical cancer.   Click HERE for more information.

Not everyone is able to go, but there are many ways to be a part of brining physical and spiritual healing to the people of Papua New Guinea!