Nathan and I were sitting in the kitchen with Pastor Simon busy with language lessons when our bug boy burst through the door.

“Mom!  You have to come help me with this beetle!”  I shushed him and told him I’d help him when the lesson was done.  He not so patiently waited until the end and I stepped out on the back porch of the house we were staying in for the week in Timil Waghi.

“This,”  I said after seeing the size of the beetle he wanted help with, “is a job for your dad.”


We think it’s a rhino beetle and it took some effort for Nathan to get it down.  After hissing at the stick for awhile, it finally grabbed the pesky thing that was harassing it with it’s enormous jaws and Nathan was able to pull it off that way.  This one did not go into a jar, but stayed outside on the porch.

Stay tuned for the next creepy crawly installment.


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