Statistics.  Our culture knows statistics.  There are numbers for how many births every year and what the most popular names for those babies were.  Numbers for how many deaths and what was the cause of death.  Everything is documented.

It’s a different story in a very rural, developing nation like Papua New Guinea.  PNG has one of the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world, but any statistic you find would likely not show the whole picture.

“People live and die in silence,” said Dr. Scott while giving a hospital tour.   No statistician keeps track of every birth in the Jimi Valley.  The man who died in the Sepik Province is mourned by his family, but his death by cancer is not added to the total tally.

But it is these individuals that matter here at our hosptial.  Each person is given the best care possible.  Each person has not only their physical needs cared for, but they are treated with dignity and respect.  The people of the country know this is true and will often travel for hours or days in order to be seen at Kudjip Nazarene Haus Sick (Hospital).

It is not in silence that people live and die here at the hospital.  It is surrounded by those who see God’s imagine stamped on each life that walks through the doors.  Would you pray for the nurses, doctors, administrators, maintanence staff and others as they give the best care possible with limited resources.

On the pediatric ward


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