The creatures that first captured the attention of the kids were geckos.  For all the giant bugs around, the geckos are surprisingly small.  And quick.  When being caught by predators (or kids) the tail falls off and squirms on its own for awhile.  At first this both fascinated and terrified the kids.

This is an especially tiny little fellow

Usually we see them outside on the sides of buildings, but occasionally they’ve been spotted in the house.  The big boys have one that likes to crawl around their wall at night.  One morning Nathan went to grab the clothes he’d hung on a hook for the day and a little guy went skittering across his shirt and up the wall.  I really don’t mind geckos, but I have been shaking my clothes a bit now before picking them up.

Gecko egg

When playing with the geckos in the house, it’s not uncommon for them to escape the grasp of little hands.  They quickly find their way under the couch or the stove or out the door.  To remedy this problem our oldest son made a leash backpack.  It worked for awhile, but the test gecko was able to start slipping out of his contraption.

The handy dandy gecko leash

The other day our daughter caught one with a split tail at the end.  With all the handling the tail eventually fell off, so we’re hoping to be able to see if it will grow back as one tail or with another split tail.

Two Tail the gecko

Remember the plastic insects the kids have been trying to trick us with?  One evening there was an unusual amount of giggling and carrying on.  On the off chance they had gotten a little too carried away with their pranks, I told the kids they were not allowed to use live animals in this little game.  Turns out I would have found a live gecko in my glasses case at bedtime.  At least it wouldn’t have been a cockroach!


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