Ryan’s family (not his real name) travels for over an hour to bring him to see Dr. Andy.  He was born with club foot and if left untreated he would have to learn to walk the mountain trails walking on the sides of his feet.  And he would not be allowed to marry, all because of a treatable condition.

Andy and Judy Bennett have been serving here in Kudjip for well over a decade.  In that time they started a club foot clinic, together helping children born with club foot receive the treatment they need to be able to lead a normal life.  On March 19 they left Kudjip, headed for the States and then on to another country to work.  Everyone gathered at the circle in front of the hospital to pray for them and see them off.  It was a bittersweet time, to know God has exciting plans for them, but they will be greatly missed by everyone here in Kudjip.

Waving until their vehicle is out of sight

The final two Fridays the Bennetts were here, Nathan was able to work in the club foot clinic with them. This gave him the chance to meet the children and get more hands-on experience in treatment as he prepares for future continue the work the Bennetts began.


Dr. Andy and Judy are now gone, but Ryan will still be able to receive treatment.  As God has led us to walk the road of disability in our own family, he is now opening the doors to minister to other families touched by disability.  Because of our faithful prayer and financial partners, many more children will continue to receive the gift of walking in the years to come.





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