Cooking with an open flame on a gas stove made me nervous with little ones running around.  Especially with a little guy who learns by touching . . . absolutely everything within reach.  In one of the boxes that was sent ahead, we included a baby gate to block off the kitchen to help keep curious little hands safely away from the hot stove.  The gate, though, ended up being far too short for the doorway of the kitchen.  Not to fear, my handy husband came to the rescue.

Standing with Daddy by the safety gate

After finishing medical school and residency he actually had time to think about hobbies and one that he took up was woodworking.  He was always coming up with ideas to help around the house or ways to repurpose old wood.

Woodworking was one of the things he knew he’d have to give up when moving to PNG   . . . or maybe not.  Turns out there is a workshop here to help with all the maintenance that goes into the keeping up the houses and hospital.  Moving around the world has now given him the opportunity to use woodworking equipment he never would have had in our garage in the States.  And the project ideas are flowing.

One of my favorite of Nathan’s creations and is proudly hanging on our wall here


4 thoughts on “Handy Man

    1. He does keep me busy, but he also loves to help out. He sweeps multiple times a day just for fun and he’s very good at handing me clothespins to hang up the towels and diapers. 🙂


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