It was their cousins that first got the kids interested in preying mantises.  Last summer the cousins brought one as a gift and we watched it for quite a long time.  It ended up being a female and laying an egg case.  That brought all kinds of excitement to the house!  After that, my bug boy found them all all over place, which was amazing.  They were little brown creatures sitting quietly in brown grass and he still spotted them.

This one he’s holding was found here in PNG.

Preying mantises are in abundant supply in PNG.  The heads seem to be smaller than the ones that the kids caught in the States and they like to randomly jump.  I may or may not have squealed when the little one below jumped at me while taking the picture.  And I may have made the baby cry.  It was just so surprising to see him jump at the camera.  So anyway . . .


It was important for the cousins to see this spot on the leg of the mantis, especially since the oldest cousin is somewhat of a mantis expert.  Do you know what this spot means SW?


And while I tried to get a side shot of this tiny one, he kept following the camera round, keeping a close eye on it.  I was waiting for it to jump at me too.


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