The oldest three kids have been exploring the station with their friends and frequently come home insisting we accompany them to see the latest discovery.  The most recent outing we went on was to a garden area.  At first they called it the prayer garden and then the secret garden.  I’m not sure if has an official name, but it is beautiful whatever it’s called.


There were two ways to the garden . . . two ways if you’re a child.  After some debate they decided we would get to the gardens by way of the stairs.  It’s a somewhat steep climb down, but lined with banana trees on one side and flowers and bushes of different sorts on the other.

This was on the way back up since I was too busy watching my footing on the way down

Rock paths meander throughout the main part of the garden and on the other side of one fence is a big white cow.  It was quite important that we see the cow, but he was a bit hard to get a picture of.




And instead of dainty potted plants, the poinsettias are beautiful bushes.


We had company bringing us dinner that night, so it was soon time to head home.  Since we entered the garden by way of the stairs it was decided that we needed to exit through the other path.


“Wait a minute,” I said as our pikinini (children) started climbing over a metal fence.  “How hard is this path to climb?”

“Oh, it’s not bad,” they assured me.  And they would have been right . . . had I been two feet shorter, not juggling a baby on one hip and been part billy goat.  Not bad at all.  But, we made it over the fallen down banana trees, up the slippery mud slope and to the top of the hill (slightly out of breath) without (much) incident.  The view on top was beautiful.  It’s what all our friends on the other side of the station see out their windows everyday.  Everywhere on station has beautiful views, whether looking out over a valley like this or the amazing vegetation that surrounds everyday life.


We will see what other discoveries the kids will show us next.

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