The best I can tell, this butterfly is a papilio ulysses or Blue Mountain Swallowtail.  The big boys and I were out for a walk and saw it flitting around the Thompson’s driveway, barely sitting still long enough for a picture.  I told it that resting for a moment so I could get a picture would be a lovely thing to do.  When it started to fly off, I let it know that there were still many flowers along the driveway it had not yet visited.  It briefly came back and then flew off in the other direction.  “Come back,” I called, but my boys informed me that it probably was gone for good this time.  They didn’t seem to think it strange to follow me up and down the driveway while talking to a butterfly.  But it may have seemed odd to the security guard sitting down the road . . .

This was the best picture I could get of the very busy butterfly

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