Watering a garden from city water in Oregon can get spendy.  As Nathan planned out our garden while in the States, he always did so with the goal of getting the most out of every drop.  He had hoped to one day make a rain collection barrel to catch the water flowing off the roof.  That way he’d always have a good supply of water at an affordable price.

Our house here in PNG has not one but two water collection tanks.  The clouds do a good job of watering the garden, though, so all of this water is for household use.  The water collected is used to wash dishes and clothes, flush toilets, clean hands, take showers and cook.  We use it for drinking, too, put filter it first.


In the picture you can see the giant green tank to the left and there’s a matching one on the other side of the house.  Throughout the rainy season there is plenty of water to use, but a couple of years ago, during a drought, people had to be careful to watch the water level in their tanks.

On top of the house is the hot water heater with a solar panel attached.  On sunny days there is piping hot water readily available and for cloudy days a button inside the bathroom turns on an electric heater to provide hot water.

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