Creepy Crawlies – Banana Spider

Banana spiders are found hanging around in all sorts of places.  This particular one was in a garden and I was by myself.  If the kids would have been with me, I would have gotten a picture with their hand near the silly thing.  Instead, I had to be the brave one and use my own hand.  I was probably a lot farther away from it than they would have been, but for all their interest in bugs, they are not fans of getting close to spiders either.


Apparently, these things can be fried and eaten.  I’ll just trust those who’ve done it (Emma!) to believe that it’s possible and at this point my kids aren’t excited about the idea of tasting one either.  They’d rather play with the other live creepy crawlies that do not resemble spiders.  These are pretty fascinating to look at as long as we don’t accidentally walked into their web.


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