Our Saturday was full and a lot of fun with friends. First we started out with a community service project of picking up garbage on the road just outside the hospital station.

The Crouch and Mason kids are ready for action

When we first arrived this road was  dirt and just beginning to be paved with concrete ditches put in along the side.  I’ve been told it used to be one of the worst stretches of road on the way to Mt. Hagen where we do our grocery shopping.

The other side of the fence is part of the hospital station

A variety of interesting things were found.

Karla found the top of an umbrella!


He made our family these trash picking chopsticks
Another plastic bag!
The biggest Thompson boy doesn’t seem as impressed as our oldest at this find

And we had some beautiful views along the way




And an adorable little Thompson helper


The littlest Thompson boy

And my little helper was eager to go.

Both the gloves and hat were too big, but that didn’t stop him from helping
The barbed wire is an addition since we arrived.  The tea plantation behind us set it up. 

And then we were back at the station

The church just across from the hospital gates with the truck we used to throw the garbage in


The gate to the hospital is on the left

But the day wasn’t over yet.  We had a hot dog roast and then a party for Sheena before she leaves.  The pictures at the river will be coming soon!


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