Dr. Sheena has been our dentist here at the hospital for the past two years.  She came with Samaritan’s Purse.  When she first arrived there was little dental equipment, but Samaritan’s Purse donate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of new dental equipment.  The dental x-rays here were the easiest I’ve ever had taken thanks to this equipment.

The kids helped Aunt Karla make the turtle that held everyone’s farewell notes

In a couple of weeks she’ll be heading back to Hong Kong, Canada and the United States as she prepares to move on to her next mission station.  She will be greatly missed, but we had a fun farewell party for her down by the river.

Bamboo poles are handy in holding up the tarp
Aunts Kathy and Karla

The kids had a great time playing in the clay along the edge of the river.


She made Noah’s Ark out of clay

And playing on the surf board with friends


Everyone at the party posed with the surf board

And digging in the dirt


And getting wet.  Except she wasn’t so sure at first.  She wouldn’t put her right foot in the water, but instead held it up in the air.  When it would finally lower down and touch the water she’d hold it up with her hands.  Finally, she gave up keeping her right foot dry and just started playing.  She had more fun than this picture would suggest. 🙂


And snuggling with Aunt Charity


It made for a great day.




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