A couple of weeks ago I went to the backyard to rescue our little guy from the top of the monkey bars and something caught my eye through the fence.  On the other side of the road I saw this meri blaus and laplap.  I had been wanting one for when we go to bush church and special occasions so Nathan and I went out that afternoon and bought it.  Meri (pronounced Mary) is a woman, blaus is a blouse and a laplap is a piece of cloth.  In this case it is referring to the skirt that goes under the blouse.  We see many women wearing this combination and it is quite comfortable and cool in the warm weather.IMG_1172

5 thoughts on “Meri Blaus

  1. Love this. It does look cool. Wonder what kind of material it is made from.

    My friend who was a missionary in Paupa New Guinea for many years has been with us this week. we’ve had some really good food most of it I can’t pronounce.


  2. Clothing that is cotton, loose and flowing is so comfortable in the tropics. It also helps when you look so terrific in it! Enjoy the journey.


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