You may remember this blog about the elections here in PNG.  The voting has been over in our area for several weeks and the counting has been on-going.  As we get closer to announcing the winners, the tension is getting higher.

As foreigners, we can stay on station and keep away from the tension, but that is not the case for our PNG friends.  Pastor A has been helping us dig a new garden area.  He travels a little distance to come and as he ate lunch with us yesterday, it was easy to see the burden he has for the situation.

As a young man, he was one that was involved in causing problems and fighting.  He easily could have been one of these young men who is recruiting people for his side when the fighting starts.  But he found a new way of life when he decided to follow Jesus.  He is now a man of peace and instead of looking for a fight, he looks for ways to be a light.  He is quick to help those in need and to speak peace to those who are stirring up trouble.

Would you please pray for Pastor A and his family.  If fighting does break out in his area, they could easily be targets.  Pray for wisdom as he tries to calm the mounting tension of those around him.  Pray for safety for his family.  Pray for other men of peace during this time.  Pray that the obvious difference Jesus is making in their lives will draw people to Christ during this time of uncertainty.

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