Frogs are the one critter our kids have wanted to find, but not been able to catch in the five months we’ve been in PNG.  In the evenings we often hear them when we’re out walking and despite making a few outings to catch one, they’ve always remained illusive.

This past week we had a stay-cation.  The week was spent sleeping in our own beds, making our own restaurant for an evening, eating off paper plates (doing dishes in the fire pit made for easy chore time) and doing many of the activities around station that there’s never enough time for.  High on the list of things to do was frog hunting and last night was the night for a good frog hunt.  It had drizzled off and on all day, so we hoped that would help bring the frogs out.

There’s a spot on station near the College of Nursing that we often hear frogs croaking.  It was decided that this activity needed hunters that could remain quiet and not scare the frogs away, so I stayed home with the little two.  Instead of hunting, they got to play in the bath water, which is high on their list of fun activities.  The hunting party arrived home sooner than expected with dejected expressions.  I thought they were handling their disappointment quite well and started to explain we could try again another time when the jumping and squealing began.  Turns out they were just putting on a show and actually HAD caught a frog.

They had seen several frogs and heard many more.  Nathan was trying to get up the nerve to catch this one when our big girl hopped right in and nabbed him.  It was the perfect ending to a great week of vacation.







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