One of the things I enjoy about Family Medicine is the variety.  There is always something new to see, do, or learn.  In PNG this is very true.  Most days I see something that I have rarely dealt with or is completely new.  I have learned to adopt a “can-do” attitude.

The first x-ray

I was working in the outpatient department (OPD) when a middle aged male came in.  He had fallen two days before and had pain over his thumb.  His thumb was deformed and he could not flex it.  I sent him for an X-ray and he came back with a film showing dislocation of his distal phalangy.  Well, I’ve never fixed one of these before but thought it should be simple enough.  I injected lidocaine around the base of his  finger (digital block) making his thumb numb.  As I held his hand in place, I gave the tip of his thumb a firm, steady pull.  Pop!  Like magic his thumb popped back in place,  looked normal and was moving normally.  Post procedure film was normal as well.

After popping it back in place

5 thoughts on “Pop!

  1. Great job Dr Mason! I always enjoy the adventures of the Mason family in PNG. God is using you to change lives there. I believe perhaps our greatest reward in heaven will be people we have helped telling us that some little thing we did for them was a step toward their belief in Christ. God works in mysterious ways, even with dislocated fingers.


  2. I guess you thumbed your way through that one! I appreciate your work/ministry in PNG…friend of your mom!


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