We finally arrived back at base camp on on Mt Wilhelm around 11 after our 9 hour hike to the summit and back.  We spent the afternoon resting around the lake soaking our feet in the ice  cold water and taking naps.  After dinner I walked to the cook house to get some dishes from our PNG guides to wash.


The warm air was inviting and I sat down in the thatch house around the warm fire and began talking with Ben, our guide, and his friends.  Soon I was joined by Scott Dooley our hospital administrator.  The friendly banter and warm fire was relaxing as we tried some fish from the lake.  Soon other missionaries began to join us around the fire as the sun slowly set behind the mountain.  Gail Dooley asked Pastor A, one of our PNG friends that help set up the trip, to share his testimony.  He began to share in Pidgin how he had been a criminal and robber and how God had turned his life around.  He shared how his wife left him and his 2 young boys.  Then his cousins took his land, chopped him with a bush knife, and killed his mother.  He chose to forgive them because of what God had done in his life.  He felt a call to be a pastor and eventual completed three years of seminary at the Nazarene Bible College just down the road.  God gave him a new wife and now he has two more children.  He now preaches at a local Nazarene church with his wife.  When he finished his amazing story B, our guide, spoke up and shared that on top of Mt. Wilhelm he felt the presence of God.  He had wanted us to pray for him at the summit but had forgotten to ask as we left the summit so quickly due to the cold wind. This was his 40th trip up Mt Wilhem and the first time he had felt the presence of God. He wanted to give his life to Christ and stop smoking.  We prayed with him as he made his commitment to God.  His one concern was his wife who was not a Christian.  He asked if we would come to his house the next day and pray for them.

The next morning we packed our bags and  began the two hour track down the mountain.  Sweaty and covered in mud we finally dropped our packs into the back of the Land Cruisers.  A short 5 minute drive brought us to the school were B works.  He brought his wife up to our car and an impromptu revival service began as we shared how God had changed our lives, Pastor A’s life and now B’s life.  The growing crowd of men, women, and children steadily grew to around 20.  Our impromptu Sunday morning service ended with an invitation for all to follow Jesus and experience the life changing transformation of the Holy Spirit.

20170625_102411 2

We then descended the hill to spend time  praying with B and his wife M.  As we sat in front of their wooden house surrounded by gardens she gave her life to Christ.  Both have made a commitment to follow Christ and allow God to lead their family.

After praying over them we hiked up the hill and got in our Land Cruiser and headed for home.  Pastor A plans to follow up with them soon.

So what was the highlight of my trip to Mt Wilhelm?  The summit was good but having a new brother and sister in Christ that was the best.  Please join us in praying for B and M.  Also pray for those that heard the message of Christ that beautiful Sunday that they will open their hearts to our loving Savior.


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