A Little Visitor

I am so grateful for the ways God brings encouragement to us.  This morning I woke up not ready to start the day let alone start a new week.  Nathan was on call Saturday and while we expect Saturday calls to be long, this last call was one of the hardest since being here.  Add that in the middle of an extended q3 call schedule and both of us are feeling worn down.

Nathan called mid-morning to say he had someone that wanted to come down and visit.  It was Baby M and her mother.  Baby M was born with Down syndrome and a heart condition.  They weren’t sure she would survive, but she’s now about 18 months old and doing well.  She lives in the Jimi Valley, which is a remote area about 3-4 hours (depending on road conditions and availability of transportation) from Kudjip and has a small health station as it’s only medical care available.  Nathan has been seeing Baby M regularly as he keeps track of her heart condition.  A couple months ago he brought her mother to meet our little two with Down syndrome and has been able to talk with her not only as a doctor, but also as a parent of a child with Down syndrome.  We were blessed to have a doctor in the States who had a son with Down syndrome.  It was a huge encouragement to have a doctor that could relate on a personal level to both the blessings and challenges of living life with disability.

Baby M’s mother wanted to come down to visit me and the kids today.  She had a bag full of produce for us and she had made both Nathan and me bilums (woven bags) to say thank you for all the work Nathan is doing.  When I first held Baby M she started crying, but she soon settled into my arms and I got to snuggle with her as I talked with her mama.  As they left, Baby M, waved and gave us a big beautiful smile to help bring a little sunshine to a hard Monday morning.


Please be praying for Baby M and her family as they raise her here with so few resources.  Pray for wisdom for Nathan as he treats her heart condition and for us to continue to encourage her mother as she has encouraged us.  And pray for strength during this time that is extra busy.

Our little ones were too busy watching the baby to look at the camera!