In mid-February we left rainy season in the Southern Hemisphere and arrived to the cold and snow of February in the Northern Hemisphere.

The airport in Mt. Hagen.             Heading to Port Moresby


Flying out

Waiting for a connecting flight

Airport Entertainment


Back in the Northwest

A long anticipated snow day!

The next four months we traveled around Oregon, Washington and Idaho visiting friends and family as well as sharing at churches about the work at Nazarene Hospital.  During that time we traveled over 10,000 miles criss crossing the Northwest.  My aunt and uncle allowed my parents to borrow their car while we borrowed my parents minivan.  Finding transportation to fit seven people can be a bit of challenge, so we were grateful for their willingness to let us rack up so many miles!

Ice fell from a tree on our way from Oregon to Idaho.  Thanks to Nampa First Church who helped cover the cost of the repairs to the windshield!               

Along the way we had the opportunity to see the work so many churches are doing.  From food pantries, to medical clinics, to housing for the homeless, to disability ministries, to helping new immigrants settle into a new life, and much more, we saw how God is using His church to impact the communities throughout the Northwest.  The churches were so welcoming to our family and it was exciting to see how many are partnering with Nazarene Hospital by preparing Warm Baby Kits, making quilts for children with Down syndrome and making it possible for families like ours to work along side Papua New Guineans to help bring physical and spiritual healing to the Highlands of PNG.

We also had the chance for a bit of fun along the way.

Ice cream and restaurants!

A beautiful day on the Washington coast

Whale watching on the Oregon coast

Finally, in June, it was time to say goodbye to family and friends.  We had such a good time getting to reconnect with so many people.  The goodbyes are the hardest part of this journey that God has called us, but we were so thankful for the time we had to spend with loved ones.  We’ll see you all again in 2021!

4 thoughts on “Home Assignment 2019

  1. So glad you had a good time time (although not always restful–wow 10,000 miles). God bless you during this term, giving you success in your ministry.


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