Nathan first became interested in medicine during middle school.  Following three mission trips in college he knew God was leading him towards medical missions.

Beckey felt called to the mission field as a child and had her heart drawn to helping orphans with disabilities following a summer mission trip during college.

We lived in Israel where Nathan attended a medical school which focused on International Medicine.  After completing residency in the US he started practicing Family Medicine.

Throughout school, training and practicing medicine we were blessed with five children.  Our oldest three are biological and the youngest two were adopted and have Down syndrome.

In January of 2015 we watched the video at the end of this blog about the need for doctors in Papua New Guinea.  As we began to look into the possibility of our family meeting this need every door we thought would be closed was opened up. In early 2017 we moved around the world and are now living in Papua New Guinea to help bring physical and spiritual healing to the people in the Western Highlands.


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  1. God bless all of you, and your work! Do you ever come into contact with the Capuchins? (That order taught me in high school, and I recall that they had several missions in PNG…)


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